Okay, let's skip the introductions

and get straight to the juicy stuff . . .

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Okay, here's "Heart of GOld" after a good washing and waxing. I even polished up the little chrome I have, including the rims (which, by the way, haven't succumbed to the 'peeling effect' that they are notorious for). Notice the after market exhaust slip-ons. These are Jardine exhausts, which were the only after market exhaust slip-ons that I thought looked great. They have a bit more growl than stock, but the bike is still a quiet stealth machine.
Now here's the other view looking up my street, instead of down. (Check out those cool exhaust pipes!)
Well, it's about time! I *finally* got these pictures developed, and what did I find? SME Lake George (a.k.a SME Bock Household, Vermont). This photo was taken on Saturday, September 13, 1997 at some motorcycle shop after we discovered ??michael's sidewalls cracking. From the left: Ed Piteo, Elizabeth Bock, John Bock, and the dead guy is ??michael himself.
There's John's foot and, Oh! has ??michael awaken from the land of the dead?
This picture was taken Sunday, after an entire day of carving curves! Yarema had unexpectedly shown up at the Bock's just as we were headed out for the day, so he was able to join us. This is the last stop we took as a group, to rest up a bit, eat some fresh apples, toss around a little football (the one ??somebody broke, hehe) and get some sun. From the left, me (Bryan Lendroth - a.k.a. Zaphod), Ed Piteo, ??michael, John Bock, Elizabeth Bock, and Yarema.

Hope you enjoyed the ride!!!

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Last Revised December 4, 1997