Valve Adjusting Tool for Honda V30

I tore down the V30 Magna to perform a valve adjustment and noticed right away that the adjustment screw was not a phillips head!  Instead, it was a square protrusion, requiring a special Honda tool.  Since I wanted to get the adjustment done over the weekend, ordering the part was out of the question.  So I embarked on a search to find an alternative.  I brought the adjustment screw with me to a local hardware shop and looked around.  Then I found what I was looking for!  Using two simple items from the hardware store totaling US$2.00, I had created an alternative to Honda's tool!

This shows the valve adjusting tool that I created using two items found at a local hardware store.  The items are as follows:

1) Square Head screw (size 2 square tip)  -  $0.05
2) "Brass" (white metal w/ fake brass plating) cabinet pull/knob  -  $1.95

Although I could have simply used the screw to make the adjustments, I didn't want to risk dropping it into the bowels of the engine.  So, I chose to add the cabinet knob so it couldn't drop into the engine, and to make the turning a bit easier.  I had three choices for cabinet knobs: wood, ceramic and "brass".  I figured the wood would split and the ceramic would crack.  My best bet was the "brass" one.

So, I purchased the parts, put the cabinet knob in a vise (between two pieces of wood to hold it without breaking it) and used a number 2 square bit with a socket wrench and forced the screw into the cabinet knob.  That's it!

And . . . it works great!